To be eligible for submission, your film must adhere to the following conditions:

1.     Films must be 30 minutes or less (including credits).

2.     Films must be made within 18 months of the date submissions open for entry.

3.     Films must be submitted with either a Vimeo private link or submission platform screening file (i.e. Filmfreeway screening file, etc.). Youtube links, physical copies, or any other platforms are currently not accepted.

4.     Any films with non-English dialogue or text must be submitted with English subtitles.

5.     Films must not be publicly available to audiences either online or on any other platform (public festival screenings are perfectly fine).

6.     Quality standards must be met. This means films below 720p resolution, extremely poor audio quality, and/ or extensively sub-par production quality will not be considered.

7.     Films that have already won or been nominated for an award through our festival cannot be entered again.