Submission Deadlines

Each month, there are two or three deadlines to submit your film. The first "Early Bird" deadline is cheaper and usually takes place the first week of the month. The second "Regular Deadline" is the normal submission price and usually takes place the two weeks following the early bird deadline. The final "Late Submission" is more expensive and is reserved for those wishing to submit their films the few days before submissions for that month close. 

However, if you miss a deadline, you're almost always able to submit your film for the following month if you wait a couple days for that month to start opening up for entries.



In order for us to properly judge each film, it may take some time for the submissions for a certain month to be decided. This means that the judgement status on your film usually won't be updated until two weeks after the final submission deadline closes. Although this may seem like a long wait, rest assured it's because we are taking our time and are carefully judging each and every eligible submission.